1. Weekly online video or telephone coaching sessions with me. Coaching sessions last between 60 - 90 minutes.


2. Homework assignments to help you achieve your business goals.

3. Unlimited access to myself and my expertise, and email support throughout the entire process.


4. A plan to take your services online, if they are not already.


5. Guided visualisations to REMIND you of your desires and to help you to see where you are heading.

6. Support to help you develop and maintain a positive attitude and the ability to keep going until you succeed.


This exclusive 10-week session is for the go-getting woman who wants to get their business or side hustle started and take their life to the next level.

I will be coaching you and guiding you through the process of how to make that a reality. All sessions will be held online. Below you will find a full break down of the 10-week course:

Week 1-3

Commitment and goal setting, creating a vision, setting short term and long term goals, identifying roadblocks and setbacks prior to scaling.


I will teach you to master your mindset and identify limiting beliefs. Give you actionable expert tips and tools that will enable you to overcome; procrastination, self-doubts, fear, and how to bounce back from failure (we will continue to develop on this throughout our time together). 

This segment of the course will close with the creation and clarification of your business idea and the creation of your ideal client/customer persona.


Week 3-6 

Identifying your tribe and niche (defining your tribe, testing your niche).


Communicating your message through marketing  (mastering your message, telling your story, establishing your USPs, and action steps to begin building greater brand awareness.)


Making money with your mission

Determining what to charge, and creating additional products/services for multiple revenue streams.


Week 6-9 

Taking massive action and assessing results.


Developing a social media strategy to help promote your products or services through organic or paid traffic.


Working on your money mindset, and refining your financial IQ to ensure your business is financially optimised.


Week 10

 Solidifying your mindset and sharing the final industry secrets that will enable you to remain motivated, inspired, and consistent as you scale your way to success.